Mission Statement

The internet is a fabulous resource for information which can satisfy most surfers demands. One thing that is problematic is that the wealth of information can be quite overwhelming.

Search engines are continually to evolve rapidly and constantly improving, but have you noticed that when you use a search engine to find what you are looking for, more often than not you'll receive a clutter of irrelevant or useless information.

Then after considerable time, money and effort you eventually may or might not find what you've been looking for. Therefore search engines have an increasingly more difficult task providing quality results to keep up with the website explosion which has reached unprecedented levels and is still increasing exponentially.

Well, bigbangprices.com's UK Shopping Directory was created to come to the rescue of UK shoppers who want a one stop resource of online shops, stores and serices who specifically wish to offer their products to the UK market. Gradually, more and more recognised High Street stores are now offering their goods and services online to join the established merchants who have been on the internet for several years.

The British are a discerning lot, and rightly so, they deserve nothing but the best, so bigbangprices's aim is to harness reputable stores and companies, by creating a convenient directory for your online shopping, travel & finance needs that we feel probably offer the best products, competitive prices, most interesting and unique shopping sites on the net.

During 2002, bigbangprices.com developed further by incorporating an extensive section on "Holidays and Travel", together with a Finance Directory, listing reputable and established companies in the financial services sector offering credit cards, insurance, loans, mortgages and many other relevant services

Also, by kind permission of a couple of the UK's leading Internet magazines, there are some very useful articles and shopping guides, which are recommended to all those new and experienced online shoppers. These offer sensible advice for maintaining online shopping a safe, secure and as pleasurable experience as possible.

We hope you enjoy your visit to bigbangprices.com, and look forward to your repeat visits to your valuable first stop resource for a fast, easy and friendly way to shop online.

Throughout the forthcoming years bigbangprices.com already have plans for useful exciting features to implement which we trust will only serve as an increased benefit to the online shopper like a product search & price comparison facility.